Welcome to the Foundwell Podcast!

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It’s here!! The very first episode of the Foundwell Podcast.

Guys, I’ve wanted to have a podcast of my own ever since I started listening to Tiffany Han and JVN’s podcasts.  And I’m finally doing it!

If you don’t know, Tiffany Han is this cool combo of a no-BS (just my style) writer, speaker, coach, etc. who is super funny and entertaining to listen to. I love Tiffany’s podcast because she’s super straight forward about her business and doesn’t fluff it with a bunch of sugar-coated “gee, wouldn’t THAT be nice, eyeroll” kind of advice that so many other entrepreneurs are jamming into their podcasts and video blogs these days.  Plus she doesn’t jam-pack it with ads either which is a breath of fresh air as well. Don’t get me wrong, people need to put food on the table and if a brand you like wants to do that for you for mentioning it’s product, more power to you- but do we need to hear about 3, 4 or even 5 products in one episode?  I’m good, thanks.

And JVN- I mean where do I even begin- I feel like anytime you even LOOK at JVN you’re instantly a happier person, am I right? Anyway, his podcast is called “Getting Curious” and he just talks to experts about shit he’s interested in learning more about.  There’s nothing better than a topic you want to know more about (but also don’t want to lose consciousness over because it’s so boring) and JVN spicing it up with his real questions and random tangents is the best way to learn about a new topic, in my opinion.

Anyway, it’s a long shot to marry the two but imma try and that’s what this podcast is all about.

But in this first ep, I’m just going to do a super short, cute (see, already trying to bring out the JVN in me) intro to me and how I got here.  Next week we’ll dig into the really juicy business stuff but I hope hearing part of my story at least gives you the boost to take a step forward with whatever you’re doing because if an anxiety-prone, slightly OCD, perfection leaning introvert can do this, you can too.

Thanks for tuning in guys!  Meet me back here next week for episode 2.

Did you come for the freebie I promised?  I PRRROMMISE it’s almost ready. Between editing 50 “umm”s out of this 15 minute episode and re-outlining part of my course on a whim this weekend, I’ve gotten a bit behind but I’d say within the week this will be dropping in your inboxes to show you allll the things I wish I would have known or had figured out before I started my business officially. Sign up by clicking the image below!

Brittany Buntain