#5 Women Unshaken: Overcoming Comparison + Rejection and Finding Community with Megan Stratton & Courtney Sample


Hey friends!

Welcome back for another episode of the Foundwell Podcast!  We’re diving into our FIRST interview of the show with a couple girls I just met a few months ago but, I have to say, I’m already a total fangirl of these two.

Meet Megan Stratton & Courtney Sample- the girls behind the Unshaken podcast that has been growing in popularity since they debuted their first few episodes in January of 2019.  Covering topics ranging from interior design tips to IVF and fertility.

One of the really encouraging gems I don’t think the girls realize they will even be giving you guys today is proof that you DON’T need to be an expert for years and years in a certain area to start doing something.  Courtney had been listening to podcasts for a really long time before she started sending some to Megan- who had NEVER downloaded a podcast before a year ago!  And here they are, one year later, with a podcast and growing community.  Were they experts in podcasting after listening to various shows the past 5 years?  No!  Did that stop them?  Also, NO.  

As unique as Courtney and Megan are, they have space for each other in their lives because they felt a special connection and are now sharing that with the rest of the world with their podcast.  They share their thoughts on:

  • Why you should start TODAY, even with the smallest step, on the dream you’ve had on the back burner of your mind and how stepping into where you’d like to be just one year from now and feeling the pride in what you’ve done can give you the motivation to get started,

  • How online communities can sometimes be like counselors or therapists,

  • Why a “no” could just mean “not right now”,

  • How to not beat yourself up for comparing yourself to people on Instagram and turn comparison or jealousy on its head to use for growth,

  • How coming back to WHY you’re doing what you’re doing can help you over most boundaries in business and passion projects,

  • Why what other people think is NONE of your business,

  • Finding the time to fit in things you’re passionate about.

Make sure you listen to the end to hear what Megan did after someone told her STRAIGHT to her face that one of her goals was NEVER going to happen for her.  #belikemegan haha!

ALSO: I have a little IMPERFECTION CELEBRATION!!! Did I just make this up?  YES!  Do I think everyone should start having little celebrations over creating something imperfect?  Also, yes!  For some reason while recording this episode, my **professional grade microphone** was picking up a TON of static when I was speaking.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not un-listenable (also made that word up) but it’s definitely not the quality I aim for in my podcasts.  Just wanted to let you know I was aware of it and will figure out how to fix this problem in the future.  I’m airing this episode with its imperfections and all because you guys deserve to see what it looks like to put things out in the world even if they aren’t perfect- AND because this episode is just TOO jam-packed with Courtney & Megan’s wisdom.

Halfway through recording I also had to go check on my dog who was presumably bulldozing the stacks of neatly folded laundry in my bedroom (spoiler: he was) and left Courtney and Megan to chat for a min while I was gone- listen all the way through to the end of the episode for some candid clips of their convo when I was gone.  Women supporting women is such a beautiful thing.


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