#6 Simplifying Wellness: How to Be Well in Life and Business Through Radical Self-Care with Brittany & Jonah Boersma

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Hey friends!

Welcome back for another episode of the Foundwell Podcast!  We’re back with another interview with two of my favorite people I met when I lived in Oregon.

Brittany and Jonah Boersma are the founders and owners of B Zen Wellness in Eugene, Oregon. They focus on empowering and teaching leaders (that’s YOU!) to practice radical self-care in their lives and business. After a combined 12 years of experience owning a Dutch Bros. Coffee franchise, creating an incredible community and leading about 150 employees at their stores, Brit and Jonah are now focusing their efforts to bring wellness to the world. And you’re going to love what they have to share about everything they’ve experienced.

We go over things like:

  • making tough decisions in your life and business with integrity and soul

  • a few different career transitions they’ve navigated and how they’ve taken calculated leaps of faith over the years

  • creating community with your employees and finding your unique gifts as a leader

  • how more connection with the people around you can lead to a higher quality of life and feeling more fulfilled

  • the direct correlation between success/happiness and self-care 

  • how wellness compounds and adding to your “self-care bank” daily can compensate for times you need those extra energy reserves

  • insights and advice on big career transitions and how it can be empowering if you let it

  • resilience towards resistance and how you can use that as a compass for the next steps you might need to take in life.

I know you’ll want to learn more about Brit and Jonah after the episode and you’ll probably want to see pictures of what it looks like to get a PEMF treatment they talk about in the episode, so to learn more you can go over to their website bzenwellness.com and look around there- they have TONS of info, resources, recommendations and an awesome blog that both Brit and Jonah write for.

I want to tell you about the daily practice I’m incorporating into my life as an experiment in self-care and success after thinking about this conversation with Brit & Jonah.  I’m going to start asking myself every single day what I need to Be Well and you’ll understand a little more after listening to the episode but since I do know from experience the correlation between personal wellness just fertilizing all the other areas of your life. I know I can step it up in this area and then reap the benefits short-term and long-term.  I’ll keep you guys posted on the results!

After the episode make sure you hop over to Brit & Jonah’s Instagram and let us know what you think and what you took away from this conversation with Brit and Jonah- it’s PACKED with motivation and relief and I know you’re going to love it. 

Warning: we get a little “woo woo” at times in this episode.  What I mean by that is, Jonah, Brittany and I are all interested in alternative modes of healing, spirituality and schools of thought.  Another thing we have in common is that while we follow and learn from a lot of the same people, we each take what we need/want/find useful from them and we leave the rest and I really encourage others to do the same.  There’s no “right” way of living in or seeing this world- you create your experience and reality, no matter who you believe is ultimately “in charge”.  So even if you typically stay pretty strictly in one lane of religion or spirituality, there’s nothing wrong with adopting a few things from other people’s experiences.  However, you should definitely be aware of your role in cultural appropriation and make sure you get your information from respectable and authentic resources.  More on that in a future episode. ;)

Enjoy the episode!!

P.S. Here are some of the links we talked about in the episode:

Brit & Jonah’s Website

B Zen Wellness Instagram

Free Yoga Series

Disclaimer: Brit, Jonah and I are not doctors. This is meant for informational purposes only and you should always consult your physician for specific medical advice.

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Thanks for tuning in guys!

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